Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dear John Paul,  Today you had your first official PT session.  We got you in the prone position which we have been really bad about and gave you a good hip stretch...the plan is to get you prone at least once or twice a day.  I also was thrilled to see you moving your jaw this morning!!!  Little by little you are showing signs of improvement that makes all of us so proud.   You also had a very alert day with a lot of eye were just looking around and taking things in.  It was great! 

This morning, your Dad and I said a Memorare before we blessed you with some water from Lourdes, France that a friend of your Aunt Monica gave you.  Mary, Jesus' mother, appeared to St. Bernadette there and the water from the spring there has healed many people.  We know that if Mary asks Jesus to heal you, He will.  But we also know that Mary is very close to Jesus in heaven and understands His plan better than we do.  While we will always pray for your health, our happiness is not rooted in it.  Our happiness is rooted in knowing that we are cooperating in God's plan...even when we don't fully understand it.  I hope that someday, if a cure is not God's plan, that you will have joy and peace in knowing that by your cheerful acceptance of your illness and offering it to Jesus---that you are bringing many people closer to God and that is a very beautiful and special vocation.

You make us so proud!

Love you so,

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