Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dear John Paul, 

Today (and by today I mean Friday), was one of those totally crazy days...Ben woke up with a fever of 102 and Thursday evening the air conditioning ceased got to hang out in the spare room that Pop-pop built in the basement for most of the day in order to stay cool and I probably just looked like a chicken with my head cut off, constantly running between floors...we had visits from Aunt Katie and the Carney cousins, one of my good friends, Mrs. Arguello...aunt Suzanne was here helping out, two friends who are nurses who want to get to know you also came by...not to mention the AC repair man!

By the end of the day the AC was up and running again but as of 10 Friday night, Ben's fever is still hanging out so I'm praying that he kicks it during the night and that he didn't give it to you because he was definitely giving you kisses during the day on Thursday.  We may just keep you in your room for isolation purposes tomorrow, just to be on the safe side.

We continue having issues getting a consistent team of nurses...for the most part the most recent nurses have seemed to have decent ability...just not a decent level of commitment.  Next week, Dad, Joey, Liam and Madie are going on a road trip to Michigan for uncle Joey's wedding.  Thank goodness for aunt Suzanne who is awesome at all of your she even changed out your circuit and did your trach change.  Suzanne is planning on coming to help take the edge off the night shift while Dad is away.  Aunt Monica is also coming down to help entertain Ben while everyone is gone.

I love watching you sleep so peacefully and I hope tomorrow will be quiet enough for us to hang out and read stories, snuggle, do a little massage....

love you so,

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