Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dear John Paul, 

I thought you'd like to know how all of your siblings like to be a part of your day in their own little ways..Joey loves helping by flipping the switch on your suction machine and even assisted in trach care for the first time this week...donning medical gloves and passing me trach ties, cotton swabs, etc...Liam is your unofficial physical therapist and loves doing your arm stretches, nurse Madie loves helping you get your formula and medicine by opening the plug to your G-tube and even plunging the syringe of medicine once it's in the med port...she also loves to "pat the tubing" or clear condensation from your circuit and empty the water trap..."Cassanova Ben" loves to give you kisses just about anywhere we will let him.  All of the kids love to be a part of story time by helping lift the flaps in your peek-a -boo books or rubbing your hand over the different textures of your animal books.

I know it won't be long before we have Joe helping with suctioning and bagging and giving nebs or coughs.

Today Daddy held you for about 3 hours this afternoon--he was in heaven...I can't wait to hold you again but I'm going to wait until I'm sure that I'm not contagious with this cold.

This should be a great week...your first official physical therapy session on Wednesday and we should be finding out when you get your first baby massage too!  We found out that the Model Waiver will officially start May 16th but we don't know what the nursing hours will be on that yet...hopefully we'll find out this week.

I'm going to close this note to you now so that I can do a little chest PT and cough assist since your nebs are finishing up.   I love being able to do any little thing that I can to help you.

Good night "Bright Eyes"!

Love you so,

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  1. Your children are wonderful. I love that they are so invested in John Paul's care. And I am sure JP feels all of the love surrounding him.