Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dear John Paul,

Today was a quiet day.  Your father and I spent the morning in your room, brainstorming about how to change the world. This is the thing:  Right now, society does not recognize how valuable your life is and therefore does not have the systems in place to support caring for someone with your needs.  This is a true poverty...and it will not change unless someone demands a change and shows how beautiful your life is.   You are a gift not only to us, your family...but to all of society....you are a teacher of things that the world desperately needs an education in...a teacher of true love, of the value of suffering, of patience and perseverance.    It may take time and definitely will take prayer, but little by little, one person at a time, you will make a difference and will help the next child who needs as much help as you do.

Both your father and I got to hold you today and while your were with your dad...you did something pretty cool: you initiated moving your head just slightly, several times.  It was awesome!  We are so proud of you.

Love you always,

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