Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dear John Paul,

This morning when the one nurse that we had left arrived, I decided to lie down to try to rest a little.  An hour and a half later I woke to the sound of the suction machine going and I decided to check on you.  By the time I got to you, your oxygen level was 58.  It is supposed to be over 95.  I pumped up your oxygen,  cleared a huge occlusion in your trach, and fired the third nursing agency we have had in the three months you have been home.   You recovered well and the rest of day went fine.  Your sight therapist from the county came by and was really impressed with how attentive you are to story time.  She had some great ideas to help incorporate the other kids into bringing the stories to life for you with toys and puppets.  It will  be great!  Later in the afternoon we hung out in the basement as tornado warnings were being tossed around...although it turned out to be nothing, better safe than sorry. 

As I finish this note, the sun is starting to rise and Ben is talking in his we'll do a bath and teach more family how to take care of you.

Love you so,

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