Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear John Paul,

Happy feast day!  Today is the feast of St. Josemaria, your confirmation saint.  We chose Saint Josemaria as your confirmation saint because your dad and I have a great devotion to him--his teachings about sanctifying all of the little things that you encounter in your life--and the big things too...helps us to see value in suffering and even joy in suffering and to appreciate everything as an opportunity to love and experience God's love for us.  We hope that as you grow, you will benefit from his beautiful insights the way we do.

This week we have been enjoying having you in a  new day bed set up in the family room during the days..I'll post pictures and video soon of all the kids enjoying being nice and close to you--they love to climb up on the bed and lay right next to you.  This week Ben has been practising feeling your chest to see if you are "junky" and Madie is already a pro--she even informed the nurses, accurately when you needed to be suctioned.

On Father's Day you ventured out and visited at Nona and Pop-pop at there house--you were in heaven, hanging out in your Pop-pop's arms.  We are hoping to venture to Leesburg to the for the 4th of July this year for their annual celebration--I really love figuring out different things we can do together as a family.

Thank you for helping me make the most of every day,

Love you so,

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