Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dear John Paul,

I am watching you sleep and I just want to tell you how beautiful you are.  Each of your little parts are so incredibly sweet.

It's been a busy week and I don't feel like I have been able to spend as much quality time with you.  I'm sitting 5 feet away from you, and I miss you.

The big news around here is that we are preparing for a really big storm--I have to admit that I'm pretty nervous.   There's just so many things that need to be considered and I just have to pray to my guardian angel that everything will be remembered or realized before we have a problem. 

I'm really not good with dealing with things in the future...I need to learn to just do what I can and to entrust the rest to our Lord...who takes care of things far better than I can anyway.

Nonetheless, I'll be glad when we are on the other side of this week...on Thursday, you'll have a busy day of getting your Flu and Synagis shots in the morning and then on to a neuromuscular cardiologist in the afternoon.  Your other doctors thought it might be a good idea to see this doctor sooner than we were planning because you have had some strange, unexplained drops in your heart rate.  The occupational therapist came this week to adjust your hand splints but she felt your hands were more swollen than she had seen before and didn't feel comfortable splinting.   While I know we need to go to these appointments to get to the bottom this and make sure that you are ok...there is a part of me that would rather just curl up and hide and have someone come and get me and tell me when we're done.

But life isn't just riding out one storm after another....we can't be afraid to put our heart in it.  We have to engage and know that the pain is worth what we gain in loving.  John Paul, I love you and you are worth it.

I love you more today,

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  1. Reading your beautiful reflections on the trials you and little John Paul go through puts my own little crosses into such perspective. Offering up some of them for you both today!