Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dear John Paul, 

Happy Birthday!  You have officially been a 10 month old for 3 hours now.  I can't believe in two months you will have graced us with a whole year!   You have been very busy since I last wrote have attended your first of Joey and Liam's soccer games and even saw Joe score his first goal....we were going to try to go to a soccer game at the Height's today but it got cancelled so we went to a cool park that has ramps for all of the equipment.  You got to sail on a pirate ship, explore a castle, take cover in a log fort...not to mention watch daddy swing on the monkey bars with all your siblings hanging on him!  Tomorrow the boys have another game but it's usually a "see how the morning is going" kind of call so I'm not sure if you'll make it to this one or not.

I love you more today,



  1. I checked your blog, hoping you had posted something new, and it looks like we are both up bright and early! Flipping through the photos of your family brings me so much joy, Elena.

  2. Happy birthday, JP! So happy to hear of your adventures at the soccer field and the park.