Monday, January 28, 2013

Dear John Paul,

I am sitting next to you, here in the ICU.  You are pretty tired and trying to rest, but are doing much better and we are getting ready to go home.  Several times in the last two weeks however, I have had a few of those moments that inspires a prayer that goes something along the lines of ..."oh God, not yet, not like this."   You are here, at the hospital because you got some sort of bug that was making the stuff in your chest so thick that we had two do two emergency trach changes, (secretions get so thick that they block off all air flow) in two days and several other times in those days that things got very close.  Those times are so critical....and at one point we had a hard time getting the new trach in once the plugged one was out.  Not good.   The week before, we were at a muscular dystrophy clinic and your humidification chamber full of water tipped and poured down your circuit and back into your trach....potentially drowning you.   Luckily, we caught it pretty fast and you recovered quickly but they called the code just in case.

The appointment itself was very productive,  we talked about trying to get a special valve put in your circuit that would allow you to exhale through your mouth...thus passing through your vocal would just be so amazing to hear your sweet voice!

You had a second brain MRI because some of your doctors are concerned that you could have some inter cranial pressure that could be causing your lack of ability to really focus with your eyes.  We could get results as early as today...if they do see pressure...the bad news is there will be a lot of procedures in your future....the good news is that there may be something they can do to help you...which would be amazing!

The second part of this letter I wrote from home and you are just getting ready to start a new day.  I love you, little man...



  1. John Paul! I am so glad that you are feeling better and that you are home again! I love you, sweet boy. Love, Aunt Maria